PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Become a PUBG Pro Player


Are you crazy about PUBG and wanted to play PUBG on Mobile? The wait for PUBG mobile version is over. Now you can download PUBG and play in both Android an iOS for free. That is the reason why a PUBG mobile guide may be worth reading.PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Become a PUBG Pro Player

PUBG Mobile is not quite the same as on the PC and Xbox One, but it is close enough that this is a good variant of a few of the greatest matches of the previous 18 months, and also you’ll be able to play it to the bathroom.

    PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Become a PUBG Pro Player[/h[

What is not to adore? Download PUBG mobile absolutely free for both iOS and Android smartphones. To put in PUBG Mobile only navigate to the app store on your system, and download PUBG Mobile. It ought to be the very first result you visit, together with the name of”PUBG MOBILE.” Once installed PUBG mobile, you may either need to enrol to perform as a guest or join your Facebook or Twitter account. This PUBG Mobile Guide will help you an overall idea about PUBG Mobile.

[h]Set Up PUBG Mobile on Your Device

On iOS, you might also decide to log in through your Game Center accounts. However, you’ll need to hit the”more” button near the other choices to discover the Game Center setting. When you’ve picked a means to log in and consented to the terms and conditions of the PUBG Mobile, then you’re all set to play.

When you jump into PUBG Mobile you will be able to make your character, it is not the most peculiar character generation system we’ve ever noticed, but the actual customization comes through beautiful clothes unlocks further down the street. So there is absolutely no reason to spend an excessive amount of time on this. This setting will dictate if you play robots to your first few games, or with real people, so select wisely, but some warm-up games with bots is a good idea for newcomers.

    Start To Play PUBG Mobile

To leap into your first match, you have to hit the large”START” button at the upper left of the primary lobby display. Nevertheless, by tapping on the box below, you could choose which kind of game that you want to perform, squads, duos or solo or third person.

As soon as you reach level five, you may even select which of the two presently available channels, either Erangle or even Miramar, you would like to play with. Also, at level 10 you can choose to play in a few of the arcade styles like War or some Quick Match that’s limited to eight minutes. When you hit the start button, you are going to be thrown to a game.

    What is PUBG Mobile and PC

PUBG Mobile and PC game are not same. Both are entirely different as there are numerous differences between the two variations. Including Sanhok Map in PUBG, only two or three maps are availble in the mobile version. Also, you have more choices of weapons in PC and XBox versions of PUBG.

On the other hand, the availability of costumes is more in PUBG Mobile version as it is the primary source of income. And most of these costumes are pretty good and attractive.

    Tips to Play PUBG Mobile as A Chicken Dinner Winner

Here are the few simple and working tips to increase your survival time on PUBG Game.

    Jump Near the Play Location

Always jump from the aircraft near to the play location. Otherwise, you have to rush to the destination until the end of the game. So it is always better to jump near to the play location.

    How to Fly Faster to the Ground

It will always be a plus point if you reach the ground first. In this PUBG Mobile Guide, I will tell you how to fly and reach the ground faster. Follow the following tricks in this PUBG Mobile Guide to reach the ground more quickly than anyone else.

  1. Do not open the parachute as soon as you jump from the plane. Let it teh Parachute Open by itself.
  2. Tap and keep forward the cursor to move. By doing like this you can even achieve flying speed more than 200Km/hr.

    What To Do Soon After You Reach the Ground

As soon as you reach the ground start the loot for weapons and other accessories for survival, Defence and Attack. Ideally, you should get a gun to defend yourself. Do not attack anybody until you get the Best Gun in PUBG, Helmet and also a Bullet Proof Jacket.

     Learn to Hide and Fire

There are some things that you ought to know about PUBG Mobile when playing. Having the ability to stick out your head but keep the rest of your body securely behind cover makes it a great deal as it was more challenging to strike you. But on PUBG Mobile, it may be more difficult to use this strategy in the beginning as you need to use your thumbs for moving and aiming. This can make it somewhat more challenging to work, but with some practice, you can master this and quit putting your entire body in danger.

    Be a Master Of Mini Map

Always watch the minimap which you can see at the right upper corner of the screen. Nearby gunshots and footsteps are displayed on the miniature map. This will give you an idea about what is happening around you. However, Playing the sound while paying PUBG is always preferable, since it will let you listen to what’s happening in your area.

I think this PUBG Mobile Guide give you an idea about PUBG mobile video game. This basic knowledge will gradually make you a Pro Chicken Dinner Winner.


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